Monday, June 6, 2011


I fell in love with this post from decor8 (who I'm mildly obsessed with) Memorial Day weekend and I had to re-create it for my home. Simply put, it makes me smile when I enter my living room to see the white, the flowers, the light coming in through my windows. Living in Arizona during the summer is hard on a lot of us, me included. So to be able to make something that appears light and cool helps me out a little with the hot, hot heat.

The bottles-I knew I was saving so many of them for a reason-I went out back and spray painted them with a semi-gloss white, done & dry less than 15 minutes. I didn't add any washi tape or doilies like the post shows, maybe I will if I get tired of their look. For now I love the white. The mirror I snatched up at JAM , made by Restoration Plantation and his furniture re-dos are fantastic. Go have a look-see!

I hope you like my "inspired-I", there will be more coming soon.


ps-decor8 is worth following, I promise!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a DIY gone lazy

The night I started this yarn wreath was an exciting one. It was the first class at JAM, hosted by the lovely Christina Hull-whoops-I mean Martinez. Summer and I were the students! The three of us had a really sweet time together making them. But, making the felt rosettes and wrapping the yarn around the wreath took us a while and our annual cookie exchange was about to start, which was also being held at JAM. Hence, the wreath went into a bag, and into a closet at home, rarely to be noticed again.

Until!! This memorial day weekend! I was determined to finish it and I am so, so happy that I did! It really makes me smile to see it on our doorway. My husband seemed to like it as well-he better.

ps-if you can even see them in the photo, I didn't mean to make the rosettes match the purple & turquoise stained glass in the door. really!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Orange & Vintage styled wedding photo shoot with Diana Elizabeth

I heart orange! This shoot was so inspiring for me! I loved all the planning that went into it. I also loved all the amazing people that I got to work with-behind the scenes & the day of. I'm so grateful for the support and I couldn't have done it without all my lovely ladies!

I will admit that I had a few dreams leading up to the day where I showed up to the location with absolutely nothing. Nothing! Each time I had to comfort myself that it was just a dream, I am awesome and that I could do it. Silly, right?

Needless to say it all worked out and I'm really happy with the results. I hope you are too!
Enjoy xox

Link love:
Diana Elizabeth : Photographer (also, amazing friend!)
Lizzy Marsh : Makeup Artist
Salon Sandoval : Hair stylists-Chris Sandoval & Gigi Arredondo
Casey Jones
: Cookies & Pies
Rust n Roses : Tables, chairs, small pieces for decor
Uptown Bridal Boutique : Bridal gown & Bridesmaid dresses
Julia Winter : of JewelYa designs-all jewelry

And a big, big thank you to those who have posted our hard work!

Jaimee Rose :
Diana Elizabeth : blog
Wedding Chicks : Eeeeee!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"for the love of" photo shoot

I met with Miss Bliss at Jam to connect about her upcoming photo shoot. If I can remember all her fun descriptions it went something like-I want fun, whimsical, bright, cupcakes, turquoise wall, pennant banner, lollipops. And my mind was going-call Casey for cupcakes check, banner got the paper check, already have pinwheels check, bright bring lemons and strawberries check. Whew!! I think I got the vision she was after.

I admire Miss Bliss' work in such a different way now. We went from kids that acted like a deer in headlights, to happy smiley got every perfect pic in 1 minute, to missing their nap and crying and back to happy. That is a challenging job! But the end result is so many sessions of beautiful children so go check out her site and see these tikes in action.

Pennant banner all paper from Scrapbooks Etc. As is the ribbon. That was the simplest project I've done in a while!

I love using mason jars. In fact, I carry one around all the time to drink my water in. On this day I made some quick pinwheels, poked a green brad in them and stuck the pinwheels with a few glue dots on to the jars. I added some twine and a paper straw for more fun and color.

Real lemonade here! My son didn't want to put his down for his shoot ;)

More things I love! Wood berry baskets and crates. They give such an organic and cozy feeling to things. Then add beautiful fruit and the colors look so alive.

Ahhh the cupcakes. Check out the disco glitter on these babies! Again, Casey had to deal with my specifics. I asked for 'tilt-a-whirl' cupcake liners and very turquoise frosting. Yes, I know the names of cupcake liners! And she was spot on, they came out perfectly. No child complained about having to eat one!

I hope you enjoyed these pretty pics, I know I have!

xox Ricki

link love:
scrapbook paper-Scrapbooks Etc
paper straws & cupcake liners-Bake it Pretty
wood crates-Poole and Sons
berry baskets-Garden Time
Casey's Confections-Caseys Confections
Miss Bliss Photography-Bliss Boutique Photography
SAS-phoenix location

Friday, April 8, 2011

Milk & Cookies 1st Birthday

Milk & Cookies it doesn't get much yummier then that!

This party was hosted for a handful of darling one year old's and their mommies & daddies. Cookie tasting was on! The dilemma was which milk goes with which cookie?!

I used trifle bowls filled with ice, classic milk jars (purchased at Whole Foods) and filled them with strawberry, chocolate and plain milk.

Look at these cookies! The wonderful Casey, of Casey's Confections, did an amazing job. She made three sugar cookie flavors; vanilla (with little specks of the vanilla bean in the cookie!), chocolate chip and chocolate. When I opened the case I think I went to sugar and vanilla heaven-it smelled divine. I can not even begin to understand her patience for making these beautiful creations. She also made little dunkers-chocolate chip and m & m. Casey was incredibly patient with me as I only wanted turquoise, red & brown m & m's in the cookies! Yes, I know tiny details I just can't overlook them.

These little creamers from Crate & Barrel were the perfect choice as a milk vessel for the tikes. Of course I used paper straws and this time I dressed them up with ribbon.

The set up was so cute! White cake plates from Crate & Barrel and Home Goods were the platform along with fun colored food labels I used that went with the invitation theme.

The to-go treats were my favorite part! Mommy host told me about her to-go idea and I happily agreed. So she ordered them, I 'ribboned' & 'thanked' them. We filled them with Horizon milk cartons and families added some cookies to take home.

Here's the front of the invitation. It was fun to put together as was the party.

Happy Birthday Cash! And a big thank you to the mommy who continues to appreciate my work and services.


link love:
divine cookies!-Caseys Confections
cake plates & creamers-Crate and Barrel
paper straws-Bake it Pretty
paper-Scrapbooks, Etc

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here's the scoop!

This was a pink and turquoise birthday party for a fabulous little two year old.

The favors were made of sweet little cotton sacks that were personalized
with each birthday guests initial and name.

These gable boxes were used for the kids lunches.
PB & J, and turkey & cheese with Annie's cheddar bunnies, grapes & water.

Cupcake liner poms were strung through-out the party room for decorations.

An ice cream bar was set up and it was filled with 3 ice-cream flavors (kid classics-vanilla, strawberry & chocolate of course). For the fun-for kids and messy-for adults part; chocolate syrup, fresh whip cream & enough toppings to stain your kitchen floor for days.

For the big people there were pink rice crispy treats and chocolate covered trail mix.

Even though it was pouring rain outside it was shining bright in doors with lots of happy kids.

Enjoy xox

link love:
white gable boxes-Box and Wrap
favor bags-Perideau Designs
cupcake liners-Bake it Pretty