Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a DIY gone lazy

The night I started this yarn wreath was an exciting one. It was the first class at JAM, hosted by the lovely Christina Hull-whoops-I mean Martinez. Summer and I were the students! The three of us had a really sweet time together making them. But, making the felt rosettes and wrapping the yarn around the wreath took us a while and our annual cookie exchange was about to start, which was also being held at JAM. Hence, the wreath went into a bag, and into a closet at home, rarely to be noticed again.

Until!! This memorial day weekend! I was determined to finish it and I am so, so happy that I did! It really makes me smile to see it on our doorway. My husband seemed to like it as well-he better.

ps-if you can even see them in the photo, I didn't mean to make the rosettes match the purple & turquoise stained glass in the door. really!


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