Friday, April 8, 2011

Milk & Cookies 1st Birthday

Milk & Cookies it doesn't get much yummier then that!

This party was hosted for a handful of darling one year old's and their mommies & daddies. Cookie tasting was on! The dilemma was which milk goes with which cookie?!

I used trifle bowls filled with ice, classic milk jars (purchased at Whole Foods) and filled them with strawberry, chocolate and plain milk.

Look at these cookies! The wonderful Casey, of Casey's Confections, did an amazing job. She made three sugar cookie flavors; vanilla (with little specks of the vanilla bean in the cookie!), chocolate chip and chocolate. When I opened the case I think I went to sugar and vanilla heaven-it smelled divine. I can not even begin to understand her patience for making these beautiful creations. She also made little dunkers-chocolate chip and m & m. Casey was incredibly patient with me as I only wanted turquoise, red & brown m & m's in the cookies! Yes, I know tiny details I just can't overlook them.

These little creamers from Crate & Barrel were the perfect choice as a milk vessel for the tikes. Of course I used paper straws and this time I dressed them up with ribbon.

The set up was so cute! White cake plates from Crate & Barrel and Home Goods were the platform along with fun colored food labels I used that went with the invitation theme.

The to-go treats were my favorite part! Mommy host told me about her to-go idea and I happily agreed. So she ordered them, I 'ribboned' & 'thanked' them. We filled them with Horizon milk cartons and families added some cookies to take home.

Here's the front of the invitation. It was fun to put together as was the party.

Happy Birthday Cash! And a big thank you to the mommy who continues to appreciate my work and services.


link love:
divine cookies!-Caseys Confections
cake plates & creamers-Crate and Barrel
paper straws-Bake it Pretty
paper-Scrapbooks, Etc

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