Monday, June 6, 2011


I fell in love with this post from decor8 (who I'm mildly obsessed with) Memorial Day weekend and I had to re-create it for my home. Simply put, it makes me smile when I enter my living room to see the white, the flowers, the light coming in through my windows. Living in Arizona during the summer is hard on a lot of us, me included. So to be able to make something that appears light and cool helps me out a little with the hot, hot heat.

The bottles-I knew I was saving so many of them for a reason-I went out back and spray painted them with a semi-gloss white, done & dry less than 15 minutes. I didn't add any washi tape or doilies like the post shows, maybe I will if I get tired of their look. For now I love the white. The mirror I snatched up at JAM , made by Restoration Plantation and his furniture re-dos are fantastic. Go have a look-see!

I hope you like my "inspired-I", there will be more coming soon.


ps-decor8 is worth following, I promise!


  1. I like the setup, very creative!

    Nice mirror as well!