Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a new year

So before January ends I thought it would be productive to finally say out loud, via the computer, what my goals for this year.  And by doing so in front of people, essentially, I may set out to accomplish them.  That's the goal anyway.

  1. Complete my living room with two new chairs, art work and re-paint the front entry console/dresser piece. Yes, this is very much a priority for me!  It's been far too long the way it is.  There will be before & after pictures for you, don't worry.
  2. Be more creative!  I've bookmarked many, many DIY's & tutorials and now I must actually set out and conquer some of them.  Not all of course, but a handful would be a good way to get over this fearful hump I'm in.  Ok, so let's say 5 projects!  I'll keep you in the loop as to which ones I decide soon.
  3. Make la Ricki a success this year!  I see that happening in these ways:  meet with business consultant and do absolutely everything she tells me to, create portfolio, continue to grow relationships, maintain a creative presence at jam with stationary, tags & other paper goodies I sell there, and be amazingly persistent.
  4. Blog!  The goal is to post a new entry 1-2 times a week.  Of course included in this goal is to master blogspot as well.  I want it to to look pretty!
  5. Be of service.  This one I'm not sure as to where or how.  My time may be valuable but I know that I can give some of it in some way.  Also to make small (very small as of now) donations to some sort of organization; one that is local and one that is for or in a developing nation.  -if anyone has suggestions for Number 5 please feel free to tell me please!
  6. Say 'please' and 'thank you' to my son, husband and really anyone in my life.  How can I expect my son to learn politeness if I don't practice it all the time? 
Number 3 is really the priority of making everything else fall into place.  I'm not perfect and far from it.  I don't know everything but I do know some things.  What I do know is that I love being creative!  I didn't know that a few years ago.  For so long I was trying to fit myself into this perfect box, one that was way too left-brained and it wasn't working.  So here I am, in 2011, a mommy of an almost 2 year old, wife to an amazing husband and a girlfriend to so many beautiful girlies, working on a new business and learning to be more confident of my talents and beginning success.  This year is starting off well, I'm very excited for what it brings and for what I can offer as well.  

What are your goals this year?  Feel free to share!

ps-just a little pic of Ethan & I, this is what keeps me
going & inspired!


  1. Hi Ricki! Way to go on setting your goals. 2011 is going to be a great success for you!

  2. Thank you for the support Marisa! xox

  3. proud of you! excited to see what you blog about :) xo