Monday, February 14, 2011

"on to baby" blog & i'm on it!!

This was such blissful news to hear! My lovely friend Diana Elizabeth submitted the photos of the mini-cooper baby shower that I did to the new and adorable site on to baby.  She captured it!  As she always does being the wonderful photographer she is.  

I thought I'd share some of my ideas and links of how I did it all!

I custom ordered rubber stamps of the mini-cooper car & logo which I used for the invitaions.  The info was printed on vellum.  Instead of gluing it together I used washi tape & divine twine to attach the two pieces. For paper decorations, lollies or rosettes (whichever you prefer to call them) and circle orbs were all made out of paper.  I stuck them on wooden dowels and put them in vases and also hung them with clear jewelry string throughout the party areas.  I got the idea for the candle stick & picture frame stand from an awesome engagement party that I can not find the link to right now.

I ordered green paper straws and printed "cooper" on paper to make straw slips.  From the direction of, another amazing, friend Jaimee Rose I made mini-milkshakes and colored them green.  And yes, I made the cake pops myself!  It was a bit nerve-wracking trying it out but I did it!  And I heard that the hostess' hubby ate all that were left after the party.

I wanted to be as detailed as possible with the colors and was so excited when I found trays, plates & napkins that coordinated so well and all at one place-IKEA!

I loved how even the choices of food went with the theme, I may have gone a bit OCD.  But I think the crowd appreciated the healthy fruits & veggies mixed with the sweets & sugar area.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how the party was constructed, it was a great deal of fun!

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  1. Ricki, you are so talented. The details you think of blow me away! keep it up chic ;)